Eat right now: sugar snap peas recipe

This summer I’ve been eating an awful lot of sugar snap peas.

They seem to go with everything – stir fries, pastas, salads. Their freshness, even after a little cooking, just works with the great weather we’ve been having in the UK this year. And then there’s the awfully addictive juicy crunch with every bite.

I’m sure I could munch on bowlfuls of these, just lightly dressed with a glass of Pinot Gris.

sugar snap peas, tomatoes, peppers, pasta

But it seems that it’s the last few weeks, if that, for sugar snap peas so while they’re still around, I thought I’d finally post the recipe for this photo which was taken a few weeks ago when they were at their peak.

It’s just a simply dressed pasta salad of sugar snap peas, tomatoes, peppers and tuna.

Bonne dégustation.

See the recipe at Yahoo!

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