Edible Cinema Trading Places screening

Menu from a screening of Trading Places organised by Edible Cinema in collaboration with Bombay Sapphire at Aubin Cinema with snacks and cocktails to coincide with scenes in the film:

Alexandra Kellogg’s – Bombay Sapphire, green cardamom liqueur, cornflake infused whole milk, sugar syrup

Shaving foam – Bombay Sapphire, simple syrup, creme de violette, malic acid, lecithin, water

Lobster suzette – lobster, almonds, icing sugar, eggs, butter, caster sugar, orange powder and oil

Cigar? – Colombian dark chocolate, cocoa butter

We’ll try to explain what we do… – gold aerosol food colour, pork terrine

Office party – Bombay Sapphire, orange sherbet, chai tea, pomegranate juice

Ho Ho Ho – salmon, noodles, charcoal powder

Jerky – biltong, soft cheese, whisky oil

Million Dollar Cocktail – Bombay Sapphire, fresh orange juice, Cointreau, lemon juice, concentrated orange and Campari caviar

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