Young Turks at the Ten Bells, Shoreditch, dinner

Menu from a dinner at the Ten Bells pub in Shoreditch where the Young Turks (James Lowe and Isaac Mchale) currently have residency (until the end of April):

Grissini & lardo

Hay smoked mackerel & cabbage

Radish & Celtic mustard

Salsify, cow’s curd & hazelnuts

Snails, ramson & duck egg

Suckling kid, grilled onion and parsley

Rhubarb, oats and buttermilk

Rabbit ears radish, Young Turks at Ten Bells

I decided not to take photos of this because I wasn’t planning to write about it so the radish was a bit of an afterthought.

I wasn’t sure about the menu. It was quite expensive for what it was – a series of small snacks, which, though interesting in flavours, were very simple. Too simple. And in turn, that made me feel the laziness of the chef.

There was a clear difference in the cooking styles of the two different chefs, with a lot of experimentation with flavours – not all of which worked. A strange juxtaposition.

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