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The Leiths Diaries: The preparation

Preparing shoulder of lamb at Parson's Nose

This is a post in The Leiths Diaries series. Read more here. With just over three weeks to go until I start at Leiths, I’m feeling prepared and ready. Or at least that’s the way I should be feeling. The knives and chef’s whites are ordered and paid for, my Leiths Cookery Bible and Leiths Techniques…

Sessions with my butcher: one whole lamb

A whole lamb carcass on butcher's block

On the last session with my local butcher, Cleavers of Old York Road, Wandsworth, I jointed a chicken and broke down a leg of lamb. This time we’ve stepped up into a whole lamb. When it’s hung up in the freezer, you always think “that looks quite small”. And considering the amount of wool and skin that’s…