Qin Xie at Alaverdi Monastery in GeorgiaQin Xie

I’m an NCTJ accredited journalist and Leiths trained chef who specialises in food and travel reportage. I’ve worked for The Independent, CNN, Lonely Planet, Conde Nast Traveller among others.

In addition to food and travel writing, I also write Money Talk, a reader-funded personal finance newsletter.

You can find some of my most recent work at qinxie.co.uk.

In Pursuit of Food (IPOF)

What began as a portfolio of food writing from elsewhere has now grown organically into the blog it is today – one that focuses on chefs, kitchens and restaurants.

I’m often asked whether I only eat at accolade-driven restaurants. The simple answer is no; I’m not above having a burger or something equally simple but I am always searching for good food. Great food really. And sometimes, they are only found at fine dining restaurants. Or at least, refined dining establishments.

I think being interested in food doesn’t mean that you have to be interested in everything, nor that you have to stop being discerning. Being interested in food means precisely that – a desire to learn more.

That’s why In Pursuit of Food is and will always be driven by those who are pushing boundaries, peppered with other relevant deliciousness.

Beyond food

As time progressed, I also wrote more and more about travel. Instead of trying to squeeze them all on to IPOF, I decided to find new homes for those photos and words on Culture Explorer.