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Pot Noodle, is there any shame in it?

Kabuto noodles

There has always been talk of the Pot Noodle. How it’s not real food. How it’s a bit too addictively easy. How it’s a lazy meal for people who can’t or won’t cook. Today I tried some Kabuto Noodles and it got me thinking, is there any shame in eating a Pot Noodle? Just to…

NOPI, Soho, Review

Nopi interior

21-22 Warwick St London W1B 5NE I think the best way to start is by saying that I’ve never taken so many photos of what I ate at a single restaurant. It’s safe to say that I was encouraged by my friend who came with me. Her first question when we sat down was: “Are you one…

Namaaste Kitchen, lunch like no other

Namaaste Kitchen interior

64 Parkway, London NW17AH When you get invited to sample the menu at a new restaurant, you sort of expect to try a few things that define the restaurant and make up your mind based on that. Generally, they’re the most interesting things on the menu anyway but you will almost always walk away more…