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The Leiths Diaries: External speakers

Cheeses with Tom Badcock at Leiths

This is a post in The Leiths Diaries series. Read more here. The external speaker is one of the key components of the Leiths Diploma. It’s not that any of the contents go towards the Diploma – nothing you learn in these lectures are tested in the exams. Rather, it helps to give a more…

The Leiths Diaries: Skills week

Sauternes with mince pie and cheese

This is a post in The Leiths Diaries series. Read more here. The first week of the Two Term Diploma is skills week. It’s a chance for the new recruits to get a taste of what went on in the first term, familiarise themselves with the kitchen, navigate working with others in limited space and…

Bistro du Vin, Soho, Review

Bistro du Vin, Soho, exterior

36 Dean Street, London W1D 4PS – now closed “Oh my god, why is everything so big?!” came the exclamation after the final course of our meal at Bistro du Vin, Soho, arrived. Indeed, that has been the case throughout this slightly impromptu dinner curtsey of the Bistro arm of the du Vin group. The Bistros,…

Bread is art, and it tastes good too

The Waitress, Saatchi Gallery

Today I went to explore the Partridges Food Market on Duke of York Square with the view to test out my recently repaired camera and to do some investigation on a market piece for Jellied Eel magazine. The stalls gather there most Saturdays to sell a range of food products – everything from tea and cakes to cheese…