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Sessions with my butcher: one whole lamb

A whole lamb carcass on butcher's block

On the last session with my local butcher, Cleavers of Old York Road, Wandsworth, I jointed a chicken and broke down a leg of lamb. This time we’ve stepped up into a whole lamb. When it’s hung up in the freezer, you always think “that looks quite small”. And considering the amount of wool and skin that’s…

Curry, puns intended

Sell fridges

When @Channel4Food kicked off a #foodjoke session on Twitter the other day, it got a lot of laughs from the food loving public. It also reminded me of some of the great curry puns that some of my friends came up with on Facebook. The best jokes from the #foodjoke session are now on the Channel 4 website and to…

Butchery in the city of London

Preparing shoulder of lamb at Parson's Nose

As a devout meat eater, I can’t ever imagine not eating meat. There’s just something incredibly satisfying about its unique texture, enticing aroma and alluring taste. And like most meat eaters, I’ve probably eaten more animals than I can count. This fact, and my general pro-meat attitude, probably hasn’t won me many vegetarian friends. But…

Sessions with my butcher: chicken and leg of lamb


It’s National Butchers’ Week and nothing says it better than heading down to my local butchers, Cleavers, and getting some butchery lessons. We started with the chicken – the very basics. Regular readers will know that I’ve attempted to joint a chicken before, but it seems that the way you joint a chicken in the butchers…

Making Japanese cocktails at Watatsumi

Fish lights in Watatsumi

Watatsumi is at 7 Northumberland Avenue Trafalgar Square London WC2N 5BY Have you been to Watatsumi? It’s a bit fishy in there. No, not in that “there’s something suspicious going on” sort of way but rather, they’re a bit fish obsessed. You see I was recently invited to an evening of cocktail making at Watatsumi, the…