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Chocolate making: The bean-to-bar process explained

Cocoa pod shell, Diamond Chocolate Factory

It’s been a while since my chocolate trip to Grenada but I’ve only recently trawled through all the photographs and video footage that I captured on the island. Sometimes, when you delve into forgotten hauls, you find some unexpected gems. For me, it was the surprise discovery of the video snippets that I took inside…

A world of chocolate in Grenada

Cocoa pods in window

I travelled to the island of Grenada recently for the second Grenada Chocolate Festival. It’s not the first time I’ve been to the Caribbean, or to a chocolate plantation, but Grenada had something different to offer – Grenada was the first cocoa producing country to do the whole cocoa bean to chocolate bar process. (You can…

Chocolate terroir at Valrhona’s Loma Sotavento

Loma Sotavento Cacao plantation, Dominican Republic

Over the last few years the provenance of ingredients has been something of a fevered trend. Ingredients seem to spring from increasing obscurity and arguably at the expense of common sense. Sometimes, it’s hard not to feel like we all have a bad case of the Emperor’s New Clothes. While sorting through some old photographs…

Restaurant Atlantis Valrhona dinner

IPOF holding image

Menu from a dinner at Restaurant Atlantis in the Dominican Republic with a Valrhona chocolates (rough English translations bold and in brackets) (Read my post on Valrhona’s cocoa plantation in the Dominican Republic here): Apéritif & amuse bouches (drink & appetizers) Carpaccio de deux poissons crus, au citron vert et aux fruits (two fish carpaccio with…

Pavé of bitter chocolate with burnt orange and Ristretto coffee recipe

Pave of bitter chocolate with burnt orange nd Ristretto coffee

Phil Howard at Nespresso boutique Ingredients: For the base: 25g raisins, chopped 65g crushed Hobnob biscuits 100g praline paste 35g milk chocolate, melted 10g unsalted butter, soft 35g pistachios, roasted and crushed For the jelly: 300ml orange juice 1 double espresso serving of Nespresso Ristretto 150g caster sugar 3 leaves gelatine 2 oranges, zest only For the mousse:…