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Fish in a Day cookery course by Food Safari

Ann Colquhoun picking up crab at Fish in a Day, Food Safari

Fish in a Day is the first of Food Safari‘s “field to fork” experiences to arrive in London via Suffolk. Founded in 2009 by Polly Robinson, Food Safari takes people who love food to visit producers and learn more about the ingredients that they cook with. The London version, run in conjunction with Culinary Anthropologist and…

The Leiths Diaries: The preparation

Preparing shoulder of lamb at Parson's Nose

This is a post in The Leiths Diaries series. Read more here. With just over three weeks to go until I start at Leiths, I’m feeling prepared and ready. Or at least that’s the way I should be feeling. The knives and chef’s whites are ordered and paid for, my Leiths Cookery Bible and Leiths Techniques…

A cosmic journey at The Lawn Bistro

Scallop with pork and apple at The Lawn Bistro

If I wrote the Socialite Diaries as well as the Leiths Diaries, then this would surely be the second installment. But despite being referred to as such on a seemingly regular basis, this occasion was really about food. My friend and I took a little journey to Wimbledon village last weekend where the chef of The Lawn Bistro,…

Lunch at Corner Room, a second (re)view

Hanging lights along the backwall at The Corner Room

Town Hall Hotel, Patriot Square, London, E2 9NF7 I’ve reminisced an awful lot over the perfection of Nuno Mendes’ lamb since my last visit to Corner Room, not long after it opened. The rump and belly were well seasoned and perfectly seared, creating a salty crust and tenderly medium-rare core. Hunger inducing stuff. And though…

The Leiths Diaries: The prelude

Leiths School of Food and Wine

This is a post in The Leiths Diaries series. Read more here. How do you begin talking about something that will change your life? And this will change mine. Not completely alter its direction but at least refract it to some unknown destination. That something is this: on the 3rd of January 2012, I start…

The Long Table by Bootstrap Company/The Loft Project

Puff balls cooking at The Long Table

Despite flying in from New Delhi just hours earlier, I found myself waiting in the hour-long queue for The Long Table last night. The pop up night market is a collaboration between Bootstrap Company and The Loft Project and will be running for another three weeks at Abbot Street in Dalston. Bootstrap Company organised a…