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The Monica Galetti Experience

Qin Xie with Monica Galetti, Monica Galetti Experience, Cactus Kitchen

Earlier this month I went to Cactus Kitchens, a newish cookery school in Clapham, for the Monica Galetti experience. It’s not the cheapest of cookery experiences but it was a fun day with wines matched to the food we cooked. We made seared salmon with beetroot, roast venison tenderloin with spiced cabbage and a pear tart…

Helsinki, a brief reportage

Toni Toivanen and Eric Raty at Chez Dominique

When I went to Helsinki at the beginning of October, I was pleasantly surprised. (Read my post on why Helsinki’s restaurant scene is at its hottest right now) Finnish cuisine, influenced by the Scandinavian countries from one side and Russia from the other, struck a fine balance between wholesome and refined. The new wave of…