Château de Lastours, Portel-des-Corbières

Château de Lastours, Portel-des-Corbières

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Château de Lastours, Portel-des-Corbières

Château de Lastours is in a state of development. And with some 800 hectares of land, it has a lot of developing to do.

That’s one of the reasons why the estate is in a state of confusion too.

Whilst it already boasts a collection of award winning wines, the grand plan is to develop the estate into a full eno-tourism facility. The catch is, the final product is, for now at least, looking like it’s more focused on the tourism than the wine.

Of course the wine is very much part of the estate but offered alongside is a whole host of outdoor activities. That’s everything from quad-biking to off-road driving. With accommodation (chalet-style with twin room), in-villa breakfast and separate restaurant (semi-gastronomic), it’s all looking a bit corporate.

In actual fact, given the planned activities, it would be ideal for team-building and corporate days out where wine is only a minor aspect of the whole package.

On the wine side, the estate is only producing reds and rosés at present although that too is set to change. In the next couple of years, the estate, which is currently producing under capacity, will also be producing white wines.

It’s no doubt that, with all the investment into the property, the wines will continue to thrive but you won’t find a romantic story of the winemaker and his vines.

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