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57°C Xiang, Chengdu, dinner

Sultana pancakes, 57 Xiang, Chengdu, China

Menu from a dinner at 57°C湘 (57°C Xiang), the Japanese themed teppanyaki restaurant where the chefs dance in between courses, in Chengdu, China: Sultana pancakes Pork and pineapple teppanyaki Steamed egg custard with fish roe Caramelised pork skin Teppanyaki cooked soy sauce tofu Spicy clams Foie gras with apple on toasted brioche In Chengdu, 57°C…

Tian Yuan Yin Xiang, Chengdu, lunch

Chairs, Tian Yuan Yin Xiang, Chengdu

Menu from a lunch at the Hua Yang branch of the rural themed Tian Yuan Yin Xiang (Farmland Impression – 田园印象) in Chengdu, Sichuan: Steamed pan bread Spicy jelly noodles Lotus leaf steamed beef Pumpkin soup Sweet corn bread Old tofu Twice cooked pork Rabbit with giant spring onions Enoki mushroom soup Tian Yuan Yin…

Weigen Vegan Restaurant, Chengdu, dinner

Cucumber leaf tips and sweet corn soup, Vegan Restaurant, Chengdu

Menu from a banquet dinner at the Tibetan Buddhism themed vegan restaurant Weigen Vegan Restaurant (维根素食) in Chengdu, Sichuan: Cucumber salad Spicy broad beans Lettuce leaves with satay dip Okra in vinegar Soft tofu with chilli Stuffed, fried aubergines with pea sauce Cucumber leaf tips and sweet corn soup Spicy tofu Seasonal greens with ginko…

Sofitel Legend People’s Grand Hotel, Xian, gala dinner

Steamed giant grouper, scallion, light soy sauce, Sofitel Gala, Sofitel Legends People's Grand, Xian

Menu from the gala dinner to launch Sofitel Legend People’s Grand Hotel in Xian, China (with English translations in brackets and in bold): 冰镇海鲜拼 (Assorted seafood on ice – Baby lobster, scallops, live oyster, salmon roe, tuna, yellow tail and salmon) 摩洛哥风味开胃菜 (Moroccan mezzeh selection – Tabbouleh, hummus and Fatayer Sebanikh) 花旗参菊花炖双鸡 (Double-boiled soup of chicken…

Qin Restaurant of Real Love, Xian, lunch

Steamed noodle with garlic, Qin Restaurant of Real Love, Xian, China

Menu from a lunch at the Qin dynasty themed Qin Restaurant of Real Love in Xian, China (with rough English translations in brackets and in bold): 赵姬脆笋 (Zhao Ji’s crunchy bamboo – pickled vegetable salad) 吕氏牛肉 (Lu Buwei style beef with orange peel) 胡辣汤 (Spicy white pepper soup) 五味汤饼 (Five spice bread) 齐鲁来福 (Qi Lu…