57°C Xiang, Chengdu, dinner

Menu from a dinner at 57°C湘 (57°C Xiang), the Japanese themed teppanyaki restaurant where the chefs dance in between courses, in Chengdu, China:

Sultana pancakes

Pork and pineapple teppanyaki

Steamed egg custard with fish roe

Caramelised pork skin

Teppanyaki cooked soy sauce tofu

Spicy clams

Foie gras with apple on toasted brioche

In Chengdu, 57°C Xiang has taken Japanese teppanyaki to a whole new level. The food is by no means authentic. In fact, it’s probably shamelessly inauthentic but it’s actually pretty good.

What attracts a full restaurant of people to it night after night though is the performance.

As well as cooking food in front you like normal teppanyaki restaurants, the chefs also stop the cooking half way through the dinner to dance for the guests. They all don sunglasses, no doubt so they can be less embarassed when they return to their respective tables.

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