Phil Howard on vinaigrettes

Some people know that during and after my time at Leiths I’ve been in a lot of Michelin kitchens to do stages, for personal and professional interest. One of these was the two Michelin-starred The Square in Mayfair.

Of all the restaurant kitchens I’ve been in, it was most like what I had imagined a kitchen to be like. It was very classically French – split into fish, meats and sauces, larder, veg and garnish and of course pastry. It was also the first time that I saw a whole tuna, almonds still in their green shells and soufflés that hold their own (seriously, it’s impressive stuff).

So it was with great pleasure and honour that I was asked to pose some questions to the chef as part of the promotion for his new book The Square: Savoury.

Here’s Phil Howard on vinaigrettes:

(and here he is on pasta)

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