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‘Willie’s Chocolate Bible’ by Willie Harcourt-Cooze

'Willies Chocolate Bible' by Willie Harcourt Cooze

When Willie Harcourt-Cooze first appeared on to our TV screens in 2008, immersed in a bath of chocolate, it was the stuff of children’s books. He was in a documentary about making the best chocolates in the world from bean to bar. This was a man so passionate about chocolate that at the start of his…

‘How to eat in’ by Adam Byatt

'How to eat in' by Adam Byatt

The first thing you should know about Adam Byatt’s How To Eat In is that the recipes are not as hard as they look. The basis of this rather hefty book are recipes to elevate simple home cooked meals to family favourites and recipes to serve as dinner party pièce de résistance. By simply flicking…

‘Gourmet food for a fiver’ by Jason Atherton

Gourmet food for a fiver by Jason Atherton

When you’re looking through a book titled Gourmet Food for a Fiver, you find yourself going through a spectrum of thoughts. To start, there is scepticism. Given the current economic climate, food on a budget isn’t exactly a novel concept. The whole phrase ‘current economic climate’ is probably exhausted by now. Besides, Ready Steady Cook has…

‘Kitchen garden companion’ by Stephanie Alexander

Kitchen garden companion by Stephanie Alexander

If a book could be wholesome, this book would be it. The Kitchen Garden Companion isn’t a cookbook or a gardening bible but rather a journey from the garden to the kitchen. At a sizeable 752 pages, it’s certainly a comprehensive introduction to growing your own and cooking with homegrown ingredients. Stephanie Alexander started out as a…

‘Home Bake’ by Eric Lanlard

Home Bake by Eric Lanlard

Eric Lanlard‘s new book Home Bake looks too good. So good in fact, it’s almost obscene. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to after some two weeks of picking it up, flipping through the pages and mulling over what I thought of it. You see, every time I thought of something to write, I got distracted…

‘Littledish favourites cookbook’ by Hillary Graves

Little Dish Favourites Cookbook by Hillary Graves

You may know Little Dish as the company that makes fresh, healthy food for kids using only natural ingredients, an idea which has no doubt been of endless help to busy mums and dads everywhere. Well, they have now released their first collection of recipes, The Little Dish Favourites Cookbook. Little Dish Favourites reads like a…