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Rochelle Canteen, Greater Arnold Circus, lunch

Rhubarb, meringue and cream, Rochelle Canteen, Greater Arnold Circus

Menu from a bring-your-own-wine lunch at Rochelle Canteen in Greater Arnold Circus, East London: [Bread] Pickled mackerel, salsify, carrots and frisee salad Roast chicken, aioli and chips Rhubarb, meringue and cream If wholesome food is what you’re after, the entire menu at Rochelle Canteen is it. Fergus Henderson’s wife Margot’s take on food is one…

Chinese New Year recipes

Like Christmas, Chinese New Year inevitably throws up the same dishes year after year. Chinese dumplings (Jiao Zi), fish, and for the Sichuanese, glutinous rice balls (Tang Yuan). It’s as much tradition as luck and superstition. In my family, it’s always regarded fervently as family time. Months ahead, we book the time off to be…

Alyn Williams at The Westbury Hotel, Mayfair, lunch

Oxtail, snails, romanesco, Alyn Williams at The Westbury

Menu from lunch at the one Michelin-starred Alyn Williams at The Westbury Hotel in Mayfair, London: Oxtail with snails, romanesco, lettuce and jus Gurnard with chanterelles, carrots and micro-herbs Bread pudding with apple, brown sugar andricotta Alyn Williams at The Westbury has perhaps one of the best value for money set lunches in London. It’s…

Restaurant Cote Bastide, Sainte Foy la Grande, lunch

Parmesan risotto with white Alba truffles, Côté Bastide, Bergerac

Menu from a lunch at Restaurant Cote Bastide in Sainte Foy la Grande, France, with wines from Château Moulin Caresse: Tomato concasse amuse Parmesan risotto with white Alba truffles Filet mignon of pork with red wine jus and basil oil, served with sweet potato mash bacon Pineapple ice cream and fresh pineapples Restaurant Cote Bastide is a…

Bargylus and Château Marsyas at Five Fields dinner

Bargylus and Chateau Marsayas wines, Five Fields, Chelsea

Menu from a dinner in The Rocque Room at Five Fields, Chelsea, to showcase the wines from Bargylus (Syria) and Château Marsyas (Lebanon): [Amuse bouche] Quail, aubergine, field mushroom and black garlic Orkney scallop, cauliflower and pistachio Fallow deer, mushrooms, black pudding and onion Pre-dessert (piña colada) Pear and blackcurrant, sorrel ice cream and yoghurt Bargylus white 2009,…

Le Vieux Logis truffle cocktail dinner

IPOF holding image

Menu from a cocktail party to celebrate the end of the truffle season in Perigueux, France, with truffle themed food created by Le Vieux Logis, Tremolat (rough English translations bold and in brackets): Sandwich poulet truffe comme une salade césar (truffled chicken caesar salad sandwich) Beurre truffe (truffle butter) La Saint Jacques et la truffe en…