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    Tian Yuan Yin Xiang, Chengdu, lunch

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    Chairs, Tian Yuan Yin Xiang, Chengdu

    Menu from a lunch at the Hua Yang branch of the rural themed Tian Yuan Yin Xiang (Farmland Impression – 田园印象) in Chengdu, Sichuan: Steamed pan bread Spicy jelly noodles Lotus leaf steamed beef Pumpkin soup Sweet corn bread Old tofu Twice cooked pork Rabbit with giant spring onions Enoki mushroom soup

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    Weigen Vegan Restaurant, Chengdu, dinner

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    Cucumber leaf tips and sweet corn soup, Vegan Restaurant, Chengdu

    Menu from a banquet dinner at the Tibetan Buddhism themed vegan restaurant Weigen Vegan Restaurant (维根素食) in Chengdu, Sichuan: Cucumber salad Spicy broad beans Lettuce leaves with satay dip Okra in vinegar Soft tofu with chilli Stuffed, fried aubergines with pea sauce Cucumber leaf tips and sweet corn soup Spicy tofu Seasonal greens with...

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    La Pepica, Valencia, lunch

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    Pepica paella (Pepica's paella, made with chicken), La Pepica, Valencia

    Menu from a paella lunch at the beach-side century-old seafood and rice restaurant La Pepica in Valencia (rough English translations bold and in brackets): Esgarraet con mojama (marinated red peppers, salted cod and dried tuna) Tostados (toasted bread with tomato pulp and aioli) Chopitos fritos (fried baby squid) Pescaitos fritos (fried fish) Calamar romana...

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    Entrevins, Valencia, dinner

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    Grilled octopus and mashed potato, Entrevins, Valencia

    Menu from a tapas dinner at wine bar and restaurant Entrevins in Valencia with wines to match: Sea snails with Jamon mayonnaise Flame cooked sardine fillets with herbs, lemon, tomato and black olives Tuna Tataki on guacamole sauce with beetroot sand Roasted bone marrow with toast Grilled octopus and mashed potato Ventresca tuna, marinated...

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