Enoteca Pinchiorri, Florence, dinner

Menu from a “Whispers of Winter” tasting dinner at the three Michelin-starred Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, Italy, [with additional courses in brackets]:

[Parmesan crisp with burrata and anchovy cream]

[Cheese coated with saffron gel with coffee puffs]


Let’s start with salty small pastry:

Light “capelli d’angelo” with tomato and oregano

“Brutti ma buoni” with peanuts

Amaranto Crisp

Pop-corn “Crumiri”

Parmesan foam


We continue with…

Marinated scampi and crispy pearl barley

Mackerel and black cabbage

Octopus, pumpkin and coffee

“Bread” spaghetti with anchovy and burrata

Polenta agnolotti and stockfish stew

Tuna flavoured veal

Like a potato in salmì

Pigeon sandwich

Moncenisio blue cheese in puff discs


…sweetness at the end…

Honey amber jelly and sambuca petals

Integral red orange

[orange and sesame]

Hazelnut custard

Liquorice ring with yoghurt

After eight with strawberry

Mango cornet and cinnamon flavour

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