Copas Turkey lunch

Menu from a very early Christmas lunch with the Copas family at their home in Cookham, Berkshire, to try their Copas Turkey:

Copas Turkey, roast potatoes, runner beans, parsnips, carrots

Served with Copas Traditional Gravy with cracked black pepper, Copas Sage & Onion Stuffing, Copas Apricot Stuffing, Copas Cranberry Sauce, Copas Boxing Day Chutney

Brenda’s Plum Tart Tatin or Brenda’s Apple & Walnut Strudel

Cheese board

Rumseys Chocolates

When I went to Copas Turkeys, it was an unusually warm day for October. But, despite the fact that we were driven to drinking ice-cold Pimm’s under a sun-canopy, we then went indoors to enjoy a traditional roast turkey lunch.

It’s strange – a perfectly cooked and delicious turkey, with its crispy skin and intense roasting aromas and juices, soon made us feel the hunger.

It was my first turkey of the season and it was perfect.

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