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    ‘East End Paradise’ by Jojo Tulloh

    by  • 05/09/2011 • Book reviews • 0 Comments

    East End Paradise by Jojo Tulloh

    Originally published in 2009 as Freshly Picked, East End Paradise is a collection of recipes and anecdotes based on the fruits of Jojo Tulloh‘s allotment in Leyton, East London. As the food editor of The Week, Tulloh knows a thing or two about food. But reading through East End Paradise, it seems that it wasn’t...

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    ‘The Scandinavian Kitchen’ by Camilla Plum

    by  • 27/01/2011 • Book reviews • 0 Comments

    Scandinavian Kitchen by Camilla Plum

    I must admit, I know very little about Scandinavian food. The only time that I’ve been in Scandinavia was during a stop-over in Copenhagen – hardly a long stay. And the only time I’ve come close to Scandinavian food was on two long haul journeys with Scandinavian Airlines, who provided the best on-board bread I’ve...

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    ‘Recipe for murder’ by Estérelle Payany

    by  • 29/12/2010 • Book reviews • 0 Comments

    Recipe for murder by Esterelle Payany

    Recipe for Murder is a rare and inspired creation by culinary journalist Estérelle Payany, which combines food with literature. The small but all-encompassing collection of recipes take inspiration from some of the literary world’s best known villains. A quick flick through is like an edible journey through the greatest (fictional) crimes in the world – you...

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