Assorted stews, Zoe's Ghana Kitchen, The King & Co

Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen at The King & Co dinner

Menu from a Ghanaian pop-up dinner by Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen (modern twist on traditional homemade Ghanaian food) at The King & Co with African beers from Kato Enterprises:


Okra tempura with shito hot pepper sauce

Red red beans with Kelewele chunky plantain chips

Jollof chicken skewers


Hearty beef, spinach and ginger stew

Zoe’s signature peanut butter stew with mutton

Garden egg (mini white aubergine) stew

Cassava croquettes

Jollof rice


Baked coconut and cassava cake

Love Chin Chin banoffee pie

It’s my first taste of Ghanaian food and I liked it.

It was rustic, spicy and filled with stews, all home-cooked dishes, but it’s nice to try something a little different. The okra tempura and the beef, spinach and ginger stew were particularly good and the cassava croquettes were positively addictive.

The food was served as part of a pop-up at the pub but it now has permanent roots in Brixton

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