Bar Deck Zeus, Vis a Vis Hotel, Sestri Levante, aperitivo

Menu for aperitivo at Vis a Vis Hotel‘s Bar Deck Zeus in Sestri Levante with food by chef Andrea Rossi:

Angler fish with soy dressing

Fritto misto

Seared tuna with passion fruit and white chocolate

Goat’s and cow cheese with olive and oyster leaf

Cherry tomato and tuna bottarga

Parma ham and parmesan cheese

Parma ham bread sticks

Onion focaccia

I had aperitivo (pre-dinner drinks and snacks) at Bar Deck Zeus, the bar near the top of the Hotel Vis a Vis in Sestri Levante.

The chef came up with a creative combination of flavours that actually worked, like the seared tuna with passion fruit and white chocolate. There were also more traditional snacks like the Parma ham and parmesan cheese.

With sweeping views over the bays and outcrop of Sestri Levante, it’s a really great spot to stop for drinks and snacks. I imagine, the food is pretty good too.

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