Côté Mas, Montagnac, dinner

Menu from a dinner at Côté Mas, the French/Japanese restaurant at Domaines Paul Mas in Montagnac with wines from around the estate to match the food:

Aperitif (tapenade puff sticks)

Prima Perla Crémant de Limoux Blanc

Tuna tataki with cucumber spaghetti and wasabi “snow”

Château Arrogant Frog Limoux Blanc 2012

Château Paul Mas Blanc Belluguette 2012

Mas de Tannes Réserve Blanc 2012

The “Causses” rack of lamb served “à la Français”

Château Paul Mas Clos de Savignac 2011

Vignes de Nicole Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah 2012

Selection of Frederic Boyer’s cheeses

Château Paul Mas Clos de Mûres Magnum 2006

Nicole’s lavender crème brûlée

Prima Perla Blanquette de Limoux Méthode Ancestrale

Paul Mas Chenin Vendanges Tardives 2012

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