Yauatcha, Soho, Chinese New Year 2014 lunch

Menu from a lunch at the Michelin-starred Yauatcha during its Chinese New Year celebrations with special Year of the Horse dishes:

[Tea – Silver Needle, Dragon’s Well ¬†Green Tea, Phoenix Shui Xian]

Dips and pickles

Sticky rice in lotus leaf

Spicy Szechuan pork wonton

Lobster dumplings with tobiko caviar

Striploin beef with enoki mushroom cheung fun

Stir fry scallop with lotus root

Seabass and mushrooms

Spicy soft shell crab

Egg fried rice

Pear and almond pastry

Walnut, salted caramel and iced coffee

Chinese New Year jasmine honey cake

Yauatcha is one of my favourite Chinese restaurants in London. I’ve been to it a number of times in the past, always ordering the same dim sum.

This time, as a guest of the restaurant, I also tried a few of the mains which were designed just for Chinese New Year. I wasn’t disappointed.

That said, if price were a constraint, I’d happily stay with just the dim sum.

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