Roasted lobster out of the shell on herbs oil and chives, Azurmendi

Azurmendi, Larrabetzu, dinner

Menu from a dinner at the three Michelin-starred Azurmendi in Larrabetzu, with mostly new dishes and a few classics:

[Artichoke cracker with citrus gel]


[Pumpkin-parmesan butter biscuit]

[Asparagus cotton]

[Avocado bonbon]

[Pickled courgette]

Homemade salted anchovy millefeuille

Roe and dill


Hibiscus Infusion

Chestnut leaf

[Frozen olive on black olive soil]

Egg from our hens, cooked inside out and truffled (2009)

Oyster, tartar and geleé (2015)

Natural spider crab, emulsion and infusion (2015)

Tomato and eel (2015)

Roasted lobster out of the shell on herbs oil and chives (2010)

Artichokes and pesto (2015)

Stewed wheat with farmhouse milk emulsion and ox tail (2015)

Roasted red mullet on vine shoots, fried eggs and the broth of the bones (2015)

[Mandarin emulsion]

Rabbit confit, mushrooms emulsion and grilled sweet potato (2015)

Coconut and passion (2015)

Cheese, red fruits and mint (2015)

Sheep milk and black olives (2015)

Petits fours

After about an hour getting lost on the way out of Bilbao, we finally found our way to Azurmendi. It’s my third time to the restaurant and my second visit of the year. This time, I brought my parents for a birthday supper.

I had been to the restaurant just a month earlier so was delighted to find plenty of new dishes to try on the Adarrak menu. But of course, there were some old classics like the truffled hen’s egg.

Among my favourite was the roasted lobster out of the shell on herbs oil and chives – its striking colour immediately tickling the taste buds. And the flavours, oh I tried to recreate them at home but I feel it might be one committed to memory.

Another favourite was the tomato and eel. The delicate profile of the vine fruit really shown through with the gentle treatment – especially when it was served with the tomato sorbet.

I think it is perhaps my favourite restaurant in the place right now.

See photos from my visit in 2015 and 2013.

Qin Xie

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