Qin Restaurant of Real Love, Xian, lunch

Menu from a lunch at the Qin dynasty themed Qin Restaurant of Real Love in Xian, China (with rough English translations in brackets and in bold):

赵姬脆笋 (Zhao Ji’s crunchy bamboo – pickled vegetable salad)

吕氏牛肉 (Lu Buwei style beef with orange peel)

胡辣汤 (Spicy white pepper soup)

五味汤饼 (Five spice bread)

齐鲁来福 (Qi Lu prospers – Qi Lu style boiled white radish with abalone sauce)

碧绿豆腐 (Tofu with vegetable)

大秦牛排 (Qin style beef ribs)

山药糯米枣 (Steamed salsify with glutinous rice and jujube)

玉尖面 (Qin style steamed noodles with garlic)

金线油塔 (Steamed pork buns)

[beef broth]

徐福长生糕 (Xu’s longevity cake – steamed kidney bean and lotus paste cake)

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