Bocuse d’Or Europe, Stockholm, gala dinner

Menu from the gala dinner at Bocuse d’Or Europe with dishes designed by Håkan Thörnström, Anton Bjuhr and Jacob Holmström (Urban Terroir), Klas Lindberg (Forest Terroir), Simon Laiti (Mountain Terroir), Frida Ronge (Coast and Sea Terroir), Fredrik Malmstedt (Field Terroir), and Dorotea Malmegård (Dessert):

Finger food

Mountain – Smoked arctic char on forest meringue with arctic char caviar

Forest – Crispy mushrooms with Svecia cheese and cranberries

Coast and Sea – Vendace caviar from Kalix with lemon crème fraîche and seaweed crispbread

Urban – Marinated pike-perch with herb and apple salad

Field – Beef tartar with green asparagus, truffle mayonnaise, ramps and rye bread


Appetisers – Jansson’s Temptation

Mountain – Pan-seared venison veal shank with shitake cream, blueberry and birch oil

Forest – Salad of guinea fowl with egg, mushrooms and herbs

Coast and Sea – Blackened cod with rapeseed dressing, snow peas and horseradish

Urban – Braised lamb shoulder with spring vegetables and soured goat cream

Field – Variation on suckling pig with white asparagus and truffle sauce


Dessert – Rhubarb compote with malt crumble, sorrel ice cream and caramelised Valrhona chocolate mousse

Coffee treat – Arctic wild raspberry yumminess

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