Whit tuna with garlic petals, Arzak, San Sebastian

Arzak, Donostia – San Sebastian, lunch

Menu from a lunch at the three Michelin-starred Arzak, one of the World’s Best Restaurants, in Donostia – San Sebastian:

Scorpion fish pudding with kataifi

Chorizo with tonic

Red cod-fish

Bitter raspberry

White tuna with marinated strawberries

Beetroot blood apple – apple injected with beetroot accompanied by creamy foie gras and potato “mother of pearl”

Cromlech, manioc and huitlacoche – crispy manioc hydrated with huitlacoche stuffed with a preparation of onion, green tea and foie gras

Lobster “Sea and Garden” – grilled lobster with crispy star shaped crêpe and fresh greens

Ovo-lacto – egg with semi crunchy shell and baobab accompanied by “lactic leaves” and curds

White tuna with garlic petals – white tuna with garlic petals of different colours

Fish steak with potatoes – fillet of sea bass lightly marinated with gin and served with several flavours of potatoes

Pigeon and terpenes – roasted pigeon with a slight touch of eucalyptus served with instantly infused citrus and pine sauce

Logan and lamb – lamb with different flavours and textures accompanied with fried grapes and logan

Super truffle – cocoa and sugar truffle with chocolate and carob core

Playing marbles with chocolate – marbles of chocolate served with amaranth and oregano sauce

Chokeberries with sweet cream cheese – sweet cream cheese with chokeberries and pear

Golden footprint and ladybird – caramelised fruits served with black sesame bread, pepper and licorice ladybird filled with yoghurt and olive oil crystal

[petit fours]

Qin Xie

Qin Xie is a London based food, wine and travel journalist and trained chef.

When not infiltrating Michelin restaurants as a kitchen tourist, she writes about food, drink and travel. Her work has appeared on Yahoo, FT, The Times and CNN.

Her first cookbook, co-authored with YS Peng at Hunan Restaurant, is out March 2014.

According to friends, her watch is always set to UTC -- ready for the next big adventure. In reality, she is happiest at the dinner table or by the sea.

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