Bo London, Mayfair, Chef’s Special lunch

Menu from a lunch at Alvin Leung’s Bo London (now closed) in Mayfair to sample the new Chef’s Special (Read ten facts about Bo London here):

Dead Garden – green onion, lime, avocado, enoki, morel

Bed and Breakfast – smoked quail egg, crispy taro nest, oscietra caviar

Cloud – black sesame ponzu, mackerel, ginger, rose

Foie Gras – lettuce wrap, “Abby’s” sauce

Scallop – crispy woba, jolo, sugar snap pea foam

Steak and Kidney – xiao long bao, avruga

Suckling Pig – peas, sichuan vanilla apple

Bai Jiu – ice parfait, caramel, passion fruit

Coconut – trifle

Petit Dim Sum


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