#AtxaDacosta at Azurmendi, Larrabetzu, dinner

Menu from a four hands dinner at the three Michelin-starred Azurmendi in Larrabetzu where Eneko Atxa cooked with Quique Dacosta of the three Michelin-starred Quique Dacosta in Dénia:


(Q) Rose

(Q) Tomatoes in vinegar

(Q) Stevia leaves and pepperworth

(E) Hibiscus cold infusion



(E) Anchovy seasoned at home with vine shoot and rosemary

(Q) Stones of Parmesan cheese

(E) Peanut

(Q) Oak crusts and infusion



(Q) Roots and dry leaves

(E) Egg from our hens, cooked inside out and truffled

(Q) Pesto

(E) Oyster, mayonnaise and natural aroma from the sea

(Q) Kefir

(E) Lobster, sea urchin and artichokes

(Q) Ceviche of sea urchin

(Q) Almond and strawberries

(Q) Salted stew: vegetables, anchovies and iberics with “Idiazabal” cream cheese balls

(Q) Apple tart

(E) Squid, black croquette and crispy onion

(Q) Gamba: boiled

(E) Pigeon, hazelnuts, duxelles…

(Q) Rice “Senia” ashes

(E) Foie gras ashes


(E) Rose

(E) Grilled tatin

(Q) Prunes and cinnamon branch


(E) Caramel and passion

(E) Marshmallow

(E) Macaroon, ganache and raspberry

(E) Chocolate and mint

(E) Aerated brownie

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