Bubbledogs Kitchen Table dinner

Menu from a tasting dinner at Bubbledogs Kitchen Table in Fitzrovia:

Mackerel – tartare, apple, celery, Balfour Rose granita

Chicken – skin, rosemary mascapone, bacon jam

Crab – purple sprouting broccoli, lemon, panko crumbs, macademia nuts, parsley

Scallop – rhubarb, turnips, cabbage

Cod – cucumber, seaweed (wakame, dulse), cucumber and oyster sauce

Truffle – hand made pasta, shaved truffle

Lamb – sweetbread, carrots, mint sauce

Venison – pickled blackberry, wild garlic, water celery, sheep sorrel, mushroom

Ardrahan – linseed crisp, honeycomb

Mango – yoghurt, mango and lime ice

Blackthorn blossom – elderflower cream, mint oil

Pear – poached, caramel ice cream, mead jelly

Mandarin – marshmallow, mandarin pate de fruit


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