Luiz Hara (The London Foodie) Japanese Supper Club with Bordeaux Wine

Menu from a dinner at the home of Luiz Hara (The London Foodie) for a Japanese Supper Club with food matched by Bordeaux wines (Read my post on the event here):

Pan-fried leek gyoza dumplings

Réserve de Sours sparkling rosé NV, Bordeaux

Shichimi flavoured popcorn (Japanese seven spices)

Les Amants de Mont-Pérat 2010, Bordeaux


Salmon sashimi South American Way

Château le Bernet Bellevue 2011, Graves

Ankimo – sous-vide ballotine of monkfish liver with shredded daikon and ponzu dressing

Château Méaume 2011, Bordeaux

Deconstructing Sushi – grilled scallops with nori seaweed, tobiko eggs and creamy spicy sauce on sushi rice

Roquefortissime 2010 Château Roquefort, Bordeaux


Teppanyaki of ribeye steak marinated for 48-hours in miso, sake and mirin

Broccoli and fine green beans in a black sesame dressing

Peach and daikon salad with a Japanese mayo vinaigrette

Sea bream rice cooked in clay pot

Miso soup with fried aubergines, spring onion and sweet eggs

Château Fonguillon 2009, Montagne-Saint-Emilion


Flourless dark chocolate cake with whisky prunes

Quenelle of green tea ice cream

Ginestet Sauternes 2009




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