Oyster at Patara, Greek Street

Patara/Maldon oyster shucking competition dinner

Menu from the dinner after the oyster shucking competition at Patara, Greek Street, to celebrate the start of the oyster season and the arrival of Maldon oysters on the Patara menu:

Maldon rock oyster deep-fried in soda batter and served in its shell with bean-sprout and chilli sauce


Slow braised beef in aromatic coconut reduction with fresh lime, lemongrass and chilli accompanied with ‘Pak-Choy’, shiitake mushrooms in oyster sauce and fragrant rice


Grilled tiger prawn in lemongrass and lime dressing accompanied with stir-fried ‘tender broccoli spear’ and shiitake mushrooms in oyster sauce and wok-fried rice with eggs


Char-grilled marinated free-range chicken en brochette basted with garlic and coriander infused oil, accompanied with a hot tangy chilli dip and sweet rice rolls


Grilled tofu steak in red ‘panaag’ curry sauce accompanied with ‘Pak-Choy’, shiitake mushrooms in soy sauce and fragrant rice


Warm chocolate pudding with fresh mango and mango sorbet


Herbal tea or coffee

Qin Xie

Qin Xie is a London based food, wine and travel journalist and trained chef.

When not infiltrating Michelin restaurants as a kitchen tourist, she writes about food, drink and travel. Her work has appeared on Yahoo, FT, The Times and CNN.

Her first cookbook, co-authored with YS Peng at Hunan Restaurant, is out March 2014.

According to friends, her watch is always set to UTC -- ready for the next big adventure. In reality, she is happiest at the dinner table or by the sea.

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