The Waterside Inn, Bray, Le Menu Exceptionnel dinner

Menu from the three Michelin starred (which it has held on to for some 25 years) Roux establishment, The Waterside Inn in Bray, where Le Menu Exceptionnel was sampled:


[Quail’s egg and steak tartare]


Flaked Devon crab with melon and fresh almonds, served with a marinated prawn


Terrine of foie gras and chicken breast served with crisp vegetable salad and a brioche toast


Pan-fried scallop and octopus slices with coriander, served on a bed of celery purée, coconut emulsion and tamarind sauce


Roasted loin of lamb stuffed with aubergine confit and grilled pine kernels, “gâteau” of moussaka and a light saffron flavoured jus


Roasted Challandais duck with cherries and Bourgueil wine


[Rose sorbet with crystallised rose]


Shortbread biscuit with an apricot mousse and redcurrants, rosemary scented apricot sorbet


Warm raspberry soufflé


Café et mignardises


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