Innis & Gunn dinner in Mark’s Kitchen Library at The Tramshed

Menu from a food and beer matching dinner with Innis & Gunn in Mark’s Kitchen Library at The Tramshed:

De Beauvoir smoke salmon ‘Hix cure’

Innis Until Proven Guilty – Woodford Reserve, Innis & Gunn Original Ale reduction, triple sec, sherbet, orange bitters

Beer-fried oysters with holy fff… mayonnaise

Innis & Gunn Toasted Oak IPA

Wye Valley asparagus salad with Herefordshire goat’s curd and land cress

White Oak wheat beer

Innis & Gunn glazed sugar pit ribs of Glenarm Estate beef with Pink Fir apple, potatoes, green onions and Guinness mustard

Innis & Gunn Original

Innis & Gunn Rum Finish zabaglione with Hall Hunter Farm raspberries

Innis & Gunn Rum Finish

Innis & Gunn Scotch Whisky Porter cheese fondue

Innis & Gunn Scotch Whisky Porter

Craft beer giants Innis & Gunn hosted a dinner in Mark’s Kitchen Library at The Tramshed, an intimate room in a huge space with food by Mark Hix.

Innis & Gunn’s founder, Dougal Sharp, talked us through the beers we were drinking while one of the chefs was at hand to talk about the food.

The food was rustic and masculine but also well matched to the drinks. The beers were woven into the cooking process and also in the cocktail we had as an aperitif. And the kitchen table set up was ideal for the chef to take centre place.

After the dinner, I sat down with Sharp to record a podcast, which you can find over at Amateur Wine.

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