Tomi Laurila’s Finnish lunch

Menu from a lunch with Finnish chef Tomi Laurila to learn about typical Finnish cooking (rough English translations bold and in brackets):

Valdemar-juusto salaattia lime balsamico kastiketta (Valdemar-cheese salad with lime balsamic dressing)

Paahdettua kuhaa, lämminta perunasalaattia ja basilika kastiketta (roast pike-perch, warm potato salad and basil sauce)

Ruisjäätelöä ja mustaherukkamelbaa (ryebread ice cream and berry sauce)

The lunch with Finnish chef Tomi Laurila was designed so we can learn about the typical dishes cooked by the Finns at home.

We took part in the cooking as well as of course the feasting.

Although many of the ingredients were distinctively Finnish, the pike perch for example, the cooking method was perhaps not too dissimilar to other parts of Europe.

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