The Dairy, Clapham, dinner

Menu from an (à la carte) dinner at The Dairy in Clapham, South London, with food by Robin Gill:


Galician octopus, tomatoes, fried bread, roof top herbs

“Willy’s” Mackerel, Swiss chard, bonito butter

Chicken oyster, crispy skin, wild mushrooms, English asparagus

Rooftop beeswax custard, Earl grey

I heard some good things about The Dairy, from chefs and food writers alike.

And while there were some nice things on the menu, there was one thing that persisted. The savoury dishes veered too far on the salty side. It wasn’t necessarily because they were over-salted but rather, the combination of all the ingredients made it so.

In the end, it put me off. I hesitate to go back but it had promise.

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