Grilled octopus and mashed potato, Entrevins, Valencia

Entrevins, Valencia, dinner

Menu from a tapas dinner at wine bar and restaurant Entrevins in Valencia with wines to match:

Sea snails with Jamon mayonnaise

Flame cooked sardine fillets with herbs, lemon, tomato and black olives

Tuna Tataki on guacamole sauce with beetroot sand

Roasted bone marrow with toast

Grilled octopus and mashed potato

Ventresca tuna, marinated in house

Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, chocolate ice cream, olive oil and sea salt

Entrevins was perhaps more wine bar than restaurant. When I went, the sommelier was French and so had plenty of diversity on the wine list, including of course, a fair share of French wines.

Seafood dominated the menu, which with its generous portions, could be shared or had on their own. I ended up sharing some and having others for myself.

The sea snails was interesting to pick at and the bone marrows were great for scooping up with bread. But perhaps my favourite thing on the menu was the generous serving of grilled octopus.

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