Further exploration required: Tunisia

My final assignment of last year was Tunisia. Though I had previously sampled Tunisian cuisine in London, it was a country that I had no real pre-conceptions about.

For me, the journey was all about the International Date Festival, an annual event now taking place in Kebili. (Read my post on following the Tunisian date trail) Though I had plenty to learn about the dates, the eating side suffered – all of my meals were inside hotel restaurants and all were buffets. It seems that, in the south at least, apart from road-side street stalls, there were few to zero options for dining out.

That said, there were a few interesting things to eat. Brik for example, a deep-fried parcel of egg in pastry, was an exciting introduction of still-runny yolk to crispy pastry that broken into shards when you break open the exterior. The other thing was makroud, a sticky date and semolina sweet which is also found in Morocco. (I tried to recreate it in a recipe for Yahoo here.)

Of course my trip was by no means comprehensive, or indeed even particularly food focused – dates aside of course. But that just leaves room for future explorations; and I haven’t even sampled (much of) the wines yet.

Here are the few food related snaps that I managed to gather:


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