Western Shu treasury fish, Kuan Alley No 3, Chengdu, China

Kuan Alley No 3, Chengdu, dinner

Menu from a banquet dinner at Kuan Alley No 3 in Chengdu’s Kuan Zhai Alleys (with rough English translations and explanations in brackets and in bold):

[Appetiser – fresh fruit]

三巧碟 (Three skillful dishes – candied walnuts, snails, spicy beef)

香脆月牙骨 (Crispy crescent ribs)

家乡鸡块 (Home cooked chicken)

蜀香冒菜 (Shu, as in Sichuan during the Spring Autumn period, flavour vegetables)


西蜀多宝鱼 (Western Shu treasury fish)

清炒时蔬 (Stir fried seasonal vegetables)

福禄寿喜 (Luck, wealth, longevity and luck – dry fried chicken with chillies served in a gourd)

步步高升 (Prosperity with each step – lamb chops and potatoes)

蜂巢米椒鸡 (Honeycomb rice chicken)

竹筒酸汤鱼唇 (Bamboo, sour soup, fish lips)

福寿南瓜 (Luck and longevity pumpkin)

牡丹虾 (Peony shrimp)

马上好运 (Immediate luck – pan-fried dumpling and brown sugar cake)

担担面 (Dan Dan noodles)

养身素汤 (Longevity soup)

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