Oyster with veal sauce, The Yeatman, Porto

The Yeatman, Oporto, dinner

Menu from a dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant in The Yeatman Hotel with Taylor’s port:

Portotonic, peanut and wasabi, “lapin bean” guacamole, crab mousse with caviar

Red fruit gazpacho

Terrine with rhubarb gelatine and pistachio foie gras

White chocolate foie gras

Sardine cocktail

Scallop ceviche and fish roe


Oyster with veal sauce

Red mullet – sautéed with lemon purée, lemon confit and bivalves

Suckling pig – crunchy suckling pig belly, saffron and lime risotto, lobster and chorizo sauce

Caramel and chocolate – caramel pudding with salted chocolate, caramel ice cream and chocolate truffle

Chef’s infusion or coffee and mignardises

Qin Xie

Qin Xie is a London based food, wine and travel journalist and trained chef.

When not infiltrating Michelin restaurants as a kitchen tourist, she writes about food, drink and travel. Her work has appeared on Yahoo, FT, The Times and CNN.

Her first cookbook, co-authored with YS Peng at Hunan Restaurant, is out March 2014.

According to friends, her watch is always set to UTC -- ready for the next big adventure. In reality, she is happiest at the dinner table or by the sea.


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