Liquorice, horseradish and parsley root, Spis, Helsinki

Spis, Helsinki, dinner

Menu from a tasting dinner at Nordic restaurant Spis in Helsinki, Finland, with wines to match (Read my post on why Helsinki’s restaurant scene is at its hottest right now here):


House salad

Potato and fennel

Leek and thyme

Barley and cabbage

Tomato and knäckebröd


Amuse Bouche



The Long Tasting Menu

Liquorice, horseradish and parsley root

Tokaj Friulano 2007, Alec Klinec, Slovenia

The summer soup as a salad

Blanc de Noir 2012, Shelter Winery, Baden, Germany

Onion and garden sorrel

Opale 2012, Eric Texier, Rhone, France

Black trumpet mushroom, chard and scrambled eggs

Akmenine 2009, Sebastien Riffault, Loire, France

Cucumber sorbet and juniper berry

Cod with broccoli, fennel, mashed potato and tomato juice

Spätburgunder Rosenberg 2009, Becker&Landgraf, Rheinhessen, Germany.

Kanelbulle with Korvapuusti (the Cinnamon Bun)

Chocolate and porcini

Brachetto d’Acqui 2012, Braida, Piedmont, Italy


Coffee Candies


Strawberry doughnut

Beetroot marsmallow

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