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Spritmuseum, Stockholm, dinner

Menu from dinner at the Spritmuseum restaurant in Stockholm with drinks to match:

Pike perch roe and cucumber on crouton and boudin noir

Black tea punsch

Black and sweet onion soup


Pike perch and kohl rabi

Grilled asparagus, dried yoghurt and poultargue

Sayonara pas pour tour l’monde 2012

Poached coq, nettles and spelt

Ampeleia Un Litro 2013

Apple cooked in hay, maple flower

Mandelmussla and bergamote

White tea or black coffee

The restaurant at the Spritmuseum, a museum about distilled spirits, offered surprisingly inventive and modern dishes.

Because of the theme of the museum, a couple of drinks matches were spirits rather than wine, which made an interesting layering of flavours.

The menu was formed of little tasting dishes and the flavours were simple. But a lot of care had evidently been placed into the execution. For example, the black and sweet onion soup was presented in two parts, with the flavouring arriving and then the soup base poured over the top.

There were also a couple of more unusual ingredients on the menu, like poultargue (preserved fish roe) or maple flower. In some respects, these highlighted the Nordic roots of the restaurant.

In the context of a museum, the offering was very surprising indeed.

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