Sonny’s Kitchen, Barnes, Review

94 Church Rd Barnes, London SW13 0DQ

A new décor and new team makes Sonny’s Kitchen feel like a brand new restaurant. The partnership between Rebecca Mascarenhas (owner of Michelin-starred KitchenW8) and Phil Howard (chef/patron at two Michelin-starred The Square) has breathed new life into this Barnes local. Head chef Tommy Boland, previously of The Square and a Barnes resident, has brought finesse to the menu. That means foie gras has made it in alongside wagyu beef, guinea fowl, quail and other ‘cheffy’ ingredients. But it’s not turning its nose up at good comfort food either, and there’s definitely still room for homely chicken, leek and mushroom pie and ice cream that’s made to Phil Howard’s mum’s recipe. Things are still in transition but it’s great to see that a little bit of The Square has landed on its feet in Barnes.


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