Nikkei Sunday at Lima, London

Menu from a lunch at the Michelin starred Peruvian restaurant Lima, London, with dishes created by Virgilio Martínez and Pía León (Central) and Mitsuharu Tsumura (Maido) to showcase the Nikkei cuisine of Peru:

I Bocados

M – Octopus, Botija olive tofu, black quinoa

M – Popcorn mushroom, squid with wakame

M – Steamed bun, fish chicharron, zarza criolla

P – Langoustine and huarango tree

V – Corn diversity

II Cebiche

M – Rock fish, clams, sea urchin, tobiko, yuyo

V – Scallops, chia seeds, tumbo passion

III Nigiri sushi

M – Scallops, maca emulsion, cushuro, chalaca

M – Silverside fish, nori and leche de tigre emulsion

M – Outside skirt, quail egg, ponzu

IV Diversity

P – Amazonian arapaima, burned cacao and annato

M – Wagyu short rib nitsuke, potato cream, purple corn

V – Avocado with Andean pseudocereals, tomato tree

V Dulce

M – Bahuaja, ice cream and crispy bahuaja nut, mango

V – The “Hoja de Coca” jungle

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