Ormer Restaurant by Shaun Rankin, Jersey, Review

7-11 Don Street, St Helier, Jersey JE2 4TQ www.ormerjersey.com

Velvety cerulean blue banquettes, mikado hued leather chairs and earthy wooden panelling sets the scene for Ormer, Shaun Rankin’s new restaurant on the island of Jersey. Opened just a little over five months ago, the breakfast, lunch and dinner services are all running ship shape. Perhaps that’s why it’s gained its first Michelin star in the latest Michelin guide.

With a strong focus on local produce, much of it foraged from the land and the sea, Rankin has managed to create a robust fusion menu using classic technique and exotic flavours. Scallops with curried granola and cauliflower salad is just one such example. As can be expected, Jersey Royals and local dairy also take pride of place alongside the seafood.

The wine list is still a work in progress, carefully curated by award-winning sommelier Davide Buongiorno, and the tasting menu is being created but Ormer is well on its way to becoming a destination restaurant on the island.

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